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True Cost of Spam

August 30th, 2011

When we think of the cost of SPAM, energy resources are not the first thing that comes to mind. Certainly there is the human resource spent on reading, filing, and deleting it. And there is the lost productivity and business from IT departments fixing problems related to malicious SPAM. But what about the raw energy consumption being expended.

According to an article on Tech Blorge, and based on a study from McAfee, the  amount of computer power required to support SPAM is  mind boggling. A single SPAM email takes enough energy to move a car 3 feet. You realize the sheer mass of volume of SPAM, when you realize that that consumes enough power to drive a car around the globe… not once or twice, but 1.6 million times each year!

SPAM filters are doing a good job at reducing the energy consumption at the receiving end, but volume being sent accounts for the majority of waste. Filters and alias email addresses do help significantly with time saving and inbox security.

Use Alias Email Addresses Responsibly

August 19th, 2011

There continues to rage, a strong mutual dislike between forum administrators, and managers of disposable email addresses.

Many people are fearful that a forum will use their email address for malicious purposes, or will not respect the confidentiality of the address. These people will use a temporary, or disposable address to shield and protect themselves from some potential buse.

Forum administrators however, specifically those that are ethical, are troubled by this process, because their mailing list is of questionable accuracy. They waste time and resources sending out emails to those they think are legitimally interested in receiving them.

So it is easy to see both sides of this arguement.

Soodonims CAN be used as a disposable address, or as a PERMANENT alias to a protected address. We strongly encourage the responsible use of our alias addresses.

We  suggest that if you use Soodonims to sign up to a forum, and then do not wish to be a member, that you firstly try to unsubscribe. If the admin is legitimate, your mail will cease and the forum owner will no longer spin their wheels sending you content you will never receive. A win-win.

If the site is less than ethical, and after unsubscribing you still receive emails, at THAT time you can disable the alias email address via Soodonims control panel and be done with it!

Soodonims is a great way to control what’s in your inbox. But please, be fair and act responsibly!

Surprising Source of SPAM – Sharing

June 3rd, 2011

By now, most people know where SPAM comes from. Signing up at questionable web sites, hacked data bases and careless use of your email address.
Very few people would ever consider that their friends are a potential source of junk and fraudulent email. Not intentionally of course.
We tell people all the time, if you want a clean inbox, protect your email identity the same way you would your S.I.N. NEVER give it out. Once you do, its in the public domain and anything can happen. Here are two scenarios.

Sharing leads to SPAM

Sharing - not always a good idea

1. Ever get chain mail? From a friend? No matter what the subject, they might end with “add your name and email to the end of this email, and forward it on”. I am not saying this is intentionally for SPAMMING purposes, but your address is not “out there” Everyone you reply to has it and there s no saying where this email is headed.
2. I am always very careful about entering a friends email address on a web site. Why would anyone?
Well, have you ever wanted to share a video, or article with a friend, and the site might ask you to enter your friends address? If you do, their address may have been compromised. And if not on that site, than another one from the same transaction.
I never do that to a friend. I will send it to myself, and once in my inbox, forward THAT to my friend. The email I give is naturally my Soodonims account.

How do you prevent others from respecting your address? You can’t. You might ask then never to put your name on an email list, but that may not work.
The only thing we have come up with, is using a Soodonims alias to communicate with your friends. Its not that you dont rust them, its that they just may not understand.

New Soodonims Version Finally Here

April 28th, 2011

I am thrilled to say that we now have the latest version of Soodonims up and running. There are some obvious new features, and some that are not plainly evident. Just a brief list includes

  1. Multiple offering, including a free one
  2. Ability to initiate emails that protect your address
  3. Ability to change you protected address
  4. Ability to add multiple protected addresses on a single account
  5. New beautiful user interface

We hope you enjoy, and get great benefits from this service. We put a lot of work into getting it just right.

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank Juan, Rick and the team for their tireless efforts in getting to this day. I am indebted.

Soodonims – What is our Purpose

March 17th, 2011

When we conceived of Soodonims, the intention was to create a solution that allowed users to control their in-box. Simply put, if SPAM found its way in, the user could shut down the alias address, and be done with it. We, and others, saw ourselves as merely a SPAM blocking service.

Now, with this new release we now understand that Soodonims has a much bigger role to play.

1. Its a forwarding service. You can continue to use your current email addresses. The difficult work of routing mail behind the scenes, to your inbox, is transparent to you. It “just” arrives where it is supposed to.

2. Your email follows you where ever you go. Say you have your Soodonims mail going to your work address. When you change jobs, you simply change the protected address and your mail arrives at your new address. Al with a few key strokes

3. Want some mail sent to your personal account, some to work, others to a third address, and maybe yet some others to all three? Soodonims allows flexible setup to direct incoming mail where ever you want.

4. Going on vacation for a week and you want everything sent to a different account. Temporarily redirect to any other email address you own.

So even though you may think of Soodonims as a safe,”temporary” method of shielding your email address from the eyes of spammers, it is much, much more.

Try it and see.

From SPAM to SCAM to SCUM in 2 moves

March 14th, 2011

Spammers will do anything to get you to open their email. Anything that looks legitimate, is current or appeals to your sense of decency.

No surprise then, that the Japan tragedy is being used to lure potential victems.

Feature Highlight – Sending a Soodonims email

April 10th, 2010
Mailing Soodonims

Soodonims - Circa 1921

Soodonims was designed as a one way alias service.

That is, it protects your email address from those sending you mail. This works perfectly where you offer someone your Soodonims address (a web site, over the phone, etc) and Soodonims forwards that mail to your protected address.

One request we have heard from our members more than any other, is the ability to INITIATE the email. In other words, if I want to communicate via email with someone and want them to see only my alias, how do I SEND that mail.

Well up until the current version (Ultimate subscribers) , you could not. But now we have designed a way that you can send Soodonims protected mail from ANY mail client, on PC, MAC and mobile phones. Everything but smoke signals.
It is all in the way you format the senders address. This is best understood using an example.

Say you want to send an email to a company at the following address:

In the TO: field, you would enter – joe/

That is, replace the @ by /  and append “”.
In addition, the from field needs to be your Protected email address.

The email will reach Joe at his inbox, and the From, will be the alias that you have indicated to be the Soodonim associated with your protected address.

Simple and usable anywhere.

Questions? Feel free to use the contact form and let us know.


Handling Image Based Spam

April 9th, 2010

One of the difficulties that spam filters have, is the identifying of SPAM with out text.

If there is a text base d message, the filters can analyze the message content and decide of this is indeed SPAM or a valid piece of communication.

When that same message is converted to an image, such as a photograph, it is harder to decypher.

A company called CommTouch has developed a potential solution for ths type of SPAM. They are able to identify the and interpret the grahic message and perform an analysis on that.

THis may reverse a curent trend in the use of image based SPAM.

Welcome to The New Soodonims!

April 6th, 2010

We have been promising you a new Soodonims with a new feature set for some while. We have taken our time, listened to your requests, and are happy to announce that v2.0 is here.

The first thing you may notice is that we now have three versions of the service. There is still a free version, and two new advanced ones, that carry a minimal fee. I want to ensure all those that have an existing free service, nothing will change for you (other than the look). You will continue to have unlimitted access with your current account.

We were forced to consider a paid service for two reasons.

1. SPAM. The very reason we exist, to fight SPAM, is the primary reason we had to add a paid subscription. SPAMMERS were hiding, anonymously, behind our aliases, and sending out emails that were commercial and sometimes fraudulent in content. As such, the only free version we now offer will have limitted access. The paid services will force everyone to identify themselves in someway, and hence make it a less desireable vehicle for SPAM

2. The second reason was obviously one of cost. We have invested significantly in design, development, QA, security and hardware resources. With the subscription fees we have set up, we do not expect to recoup that money anytme soon, but hope to at least offset our ongoing expenses.

Once again, as existing users,we thank you for your support, and for your kind words and useful input. As potential new members, we look forward to providing you with the same email protection that we have provided for thousands of others over the last few years.

As always, we look forward to hearing from you with your ideas and comments.



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