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Protect yourself, and receive only the email you want. Use powerful, disposable email addresses (Aliases) to forward email. Disable them with a single click for mail you don’t want, or use Soodonim’s rules to do it automatically for you. Easy to use, flexible, and effective. A clean inbox is within your grasp with Soodonims.

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Alias Addresses
The system allows you to create multiple Alias addresses which forwards email to your Protected Address. These address are in effect Disposable Addresses, but also can be kept active for life. Never again do you need to hand out your protected address
Create Disposable Emails Address on the Fly
Soodonims “on the fly” feature, allows you to create new Aliases without the use of a computer (say in a store, over the phone etc). Soodonims will analyze the email address when mail is received, and accept or reject it based on predefined rules.
Not Just a Disposable Email System
Yes, our approach is based on creating Alias Email addresses which can be disposed of easily. But beyond that, our solution allows you to forward your email to any address should you change providers or jobs. Never miss any mail because of an address change.
Track and Control for Each Recipient
Since it is effortless too create a new Alias, we suggest each time you hand out one, you make it specific to that contact. In that way, should it become corrupted, it is obvious who corrupted it, and just that Alias can be disabled.

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True Cost of Spam
August 30, 2011

When we think of the cost of SPAM, energy resources are not the first thing that comes to mind. Certainly there is the human resource spent on reading, filing, and deleting it. And there is the lost productivity and business from IT departments fixing problems related to malicious SPAM. But what about the raw energy [...]


SPAM in the News

From SPAM to SCAM to SCUM in 2 moves
March 14, 2011

Spammers will do anything to get you to open their email. Anything that looks legitimate, is current or appeals to your sense of decency.
No surprise then, that the Japan tragedy is being used to lure potential victems.


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